2014 Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 World Series of Screenwriting Winners and Official Finalists.

World Series Champion

Target written by Amy Ricker


Gold Prize Winner - His Father's Eyes written by Justin Smith

Silver Prize Winner - The Third Bomb written by Phillip Parker

Bronze Prize Winner - Lost Cause written by David J. Schroeder


Gold Prize Winner - Man Cave written by Patrick Connelly

Silver Prize Winner - The Want Ads written by Michael Rhodes

Bronze Prize Winner - Viking Fjord written by John Venable


Gold Prize Winner - Medal of Honor written by Duke Mulligan

Silver Prize Winner - The Conductor written by Kyle Works

Bronze Prize Winner - The Size of the Fight in the Dog written by David Samuels

Family Film

Gold Prize Winner - The Concert written by Steven Prowse

Silver Prize Winner - Patchwork written by Amanda Keener

Bronze Prize Winner - The Incredible Journeys of Supernova Jones written by Aaron Senser

Historical / Biographical

Gold Prize Winner - Vindication written by May Chaplin

Silver Prize Winner - Grace written by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Russel

Bronze Prize WinnerPrecious Vengeance written by Stephen M. Hunt

Science Fiction

Gold Prize Winner - Gaia written by Autumn Stapleton-Laskey

Silver Prize Winner - The Landscapes of Venus written by Stefano Llinas

Bronze Prize Winner - Hell on Neptune written by Robert Rogers

Thriller / Horror

Gold Prize Winner - Blind Spot written by Graham Parke

Silver Prize Winner - All For None written by Mark Stasenko

Bronze Prize Winner - Santa Muerte written by Ben Soper & Tyler Soper

TV Drama Pilot presented by The TV Writers Vault

Gold Prize Winner - Adrenaline written by Ram Getz

Silver Prize Winner - Matchmakers written by Charlie Reeves

Bronze Prize Winner -Border State written by Diana Garrett

TV Sitcom Pilot

Gold Prize Winner -Ms. Littlefield - Pilot written by David Minaskanian

Silver Prize Winner - The Greatest Guy She May Never Meet written by Rico Lara-Marin

Bronze Prize Winner - Temporary Arrangements written by Stacey Summers

Stage Plays

Gold Prize Winner -A Contest of Sorts: The Chronicle of Donavus the Dumb written by Wade Kemper

Silver Prize Winner -Don't Hug Me, We're Married written by Phil Olsen

Bronze Prize Winner - Aquarius Rising written by Garry Kluger

Short Film Scripts

Gold Prize Winner - Easy On The Eyes written by Sheri Davenport

Silver Prize Winner - Going Home written by Nir Shelter

Bronze Prize Winner - When She Went Away written by Kevin Silva

TV Spec Scripts

Gold Prize Winner -Girls Spec, 'Divorce Song' written by Erica Lies

Silver Prize Winner -Young Will written by Elizabeth Hooker

Bronze Prize Winner -Modern Family- 'Paintball Wars' written by Amanda Scott & Veronica Slattery

Treatments / Concepts

Gold Prize Winner - Loss written by Ellen Spartan

Silver Prize Winner -We The Jury written by Steven Prowse

Bronze Prize Winner -Last of the Gods written by Konstantinos Tsokalis



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